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Beautiful Gallery of Necklaces: Our gleaming collection holds Bali Silver, Filigree, Turquoise, Red Coral and Gemstone Necklaces. Browse through our designs that are showcased in an affordable range and you will find exquisite design and enduring value. Perfect to go with any dress or any occasion and it is sure to catch an eye. In stock, immediate shipment upon order. All orders are shipped the same day.

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  • SGMNL0037 Jade Pearl Necklace
  • S02NL0018 Red Coral Bead Necklace
  • S02NL0019 Southwestern Bead Necklace
  • S02NL0001 Turquoise Bead Necklace
  • S02NL0011 Turquoise Bead Necklace
  • SGMNL0002 3-Color  Pearl Necklace
  • SGMNL00067  Pearl Coral Matching Set
  • SGMNL0033 Aventurine Jade Pearl
  • SGMNL0005 Black  Pearl Necklace
  • SGMNL0038 Blue Turquoise
  • SGMNL0049 Carnelian and  Pearl
  • SGMNL0052 Carnelian and  Pearl
  • SGMNL0053 Cherry Quartz Necklace
  • SGMNL0012 Coral  Pearl Necklace
  • SGMNL0013 Coral  Pearl Necklace
  • SGMNL0007 Garnet  Pearl Necklace
  • SGMNL0039 Green Turquoise
  • SGMNL0040 Green Turquoise
  • SGMNL0047 Jade  Pearl Necklace
  • SGMNL0048 Jade Agate Necklace
  • SGMNL0051 Jade Agate Necklace
  • SGMNL0034 Jade Pearl Necklace, Image-1
  • SGMNL0015 Pearl and Amethyst
  • SGMNL0016 Pearl and Amethyst
  • SGMNL0046 Pearl and Turquoise
  • SGMNL0036 Pearl Aventurine Jade
  • SGMNL0045 Pearl Blue Turquoise
  • SGMNL0009 Pearl Coral Necklace
  • SGMNL0010 Pearl Coral Necklace
  • SGMNL0011 Pearl Coral Necklace

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