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Wood Boxes

<p><strong>High Quality Jewelry Boxes: </strong>  Whether the jewelry is for your own proud collection or a special gift for some one special, it is not complete without elegant jewelry packaging. Choose from the attractive collection of pouches and velvet boxes at low prices. Don't let our low prices fool you. Our jewelry boxes and pouches are of high quality and there are no minimum quantities required to buy. Buy one or buy many at the same low prices. </p>

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  • SGBX0001: Oak Wood Ring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0002: Oak Wood Earring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0003: Oak Wood Pendant Box, Primary
  • SGBX0004: Layout Bracelet Box, Primary
  • SGBX0005: Bracelet or Watch Box, Primary
  • SGBX0006: Oak Wood Necklace Box, Primary
  • SGBX0044: Maple Wood Single Ring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0045: Maple Wood Small Earring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0052: Beechwood Single Ring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0078: Cherry Wood Single Ring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0079: Cherry Wood Double Ring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0080: Cherry Wood Flap Earring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0081: Cherry Wood Earring Pendant Box, Primary
  • SGBX0082: Cherry Wood Bracelet Box, Primary
  • SGBX0083: Cherry Wood Necklace Box, Primary
  • SGBX0172: Beechwood Stud Earring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0173: Beechwood Drop Earring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0174: Beechwood Pendant Box, Primary
  • SGBX0175: Beechwood Bracelet Box with Pillow, Primary
  • SGBX0176: Beechwood Layout Bracelet Box, Primary
  • SGBX0177: Beechwood Necklace Box, Primary
  • SGBX0204: Amber Wood Ring Box, Primary
  • SGBX0205: Amber Wood Earring Flap Box, Primary
  • SGBX0206: Amber Wood Pendant Earrings Box, Primary
  • SGBX0207: Amber Wood Bangle Box, Primary
  • SGBX0208: Amber Wood Bracelet Box, Primary
  • SGBX0209: Amber Wood Necklace Box, Primary

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