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Drop or Dangling Earrings and Ear Studs: A pair of beautiful earrings completes any outfit, transforming something from the ordinary into the extraordinary.Our gleaming collection holds Bali Silver, Filigree and Pearl Earrings. Our earrings are unique pieces that blend together the elements of style, sophistication and luxury, handcrafted to perfection by the world’s most talented jewelers.

Certified and Genuine Jewelry Directly to Your Door: Every order is shipped immediately, comes beautifully wrapped, is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity backed by the 30 day return guarantee. Browse our jewelry designs, compare our prices and shop with confidence. Go ahead, pick your favorite designs today and enjoy them for many happy occasions and years to come!

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  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0023
  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0039
  • Bali Blue Topaz Earrings S01EG0024
  • S01EG0052 Bali Silver Amethyst Earrings
  • S01EG0051 Bali Silver Blue Topaz Earrings
  • Bali Silver Earrings S01EG0098
  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0001
  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0006
  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0025
  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0026
  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0029
  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0032
  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0033
  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0034
  • Bali Amethyst Earrings S01EG0036
  • Bali Blue Topaz Earrings S01EG0009
  • Bali Blue Topaz Earrings S01EG0015
  • Bali Blue Topaz Earrings S01EG0018
  • Bali Blue Topaz Earrings S01EG0019
  • Bali Blue Topaz Earrings S01EG0028
  • Bali Blue Topaz Earrings S01EG0035
  • Bali Citrine Earrings S01EG0020
  • Bali Citrine Earrings S01EG0030
  • Bali Earrings with Amber S01EG0095
  • Bali Garnet Earrings S01EG0002
  • Bali Garnet Earrings S01EG0003
  • Bali Garnet Earrings S01EG0004
  • Bali Garnet Earrings S01EG0010
  • Bali Garnet Earrings S01EG0011
  • Bali Garnet Earrings S01EG0012

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