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Bali Gemstone

Pure Sterling Silver Pendants Handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia: Bali, Indonesia is home of unique and creative silver jewelry artistry that produces one of a kind designs which are so much different from the Italian machine cut silver jewelry or the Mexican or south-western silver jewelry. Balinese artistry is known for its pains-taking process of making filigree silver jewelry that will stand out from the crowd and can stay in your family treasures for years and generations to come.

We handpick the Best Jewelry for You: We handpick outstanding designs of high quality directly from Bali so that you can pick your favorites at straight low prices without the middlemen commissions or illusionary discounts. Our artisans bring you creative designs in a variety of Balinese Silver Pendants studded with gemstones in 14K or 18K yellow gold and sterling silver.

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  • S01PT0030 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0019 Bali Green Quartz Pendant
  • S01PT0058 Bali Multi Gemstone Pendant
  • S01PT0001 Bali Pearl Pendant
  • S01PT0012 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0015 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0017 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0023 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0026 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0031 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0033 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0036 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0053 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0062 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0064 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0105 Bali Amethyst Pendant
  • S01PT0003 Bali Blue Topaz Pendant
  • S01PT0007 Bali Blue Topaz Pendant
  • S01PT0025 Bali Blue Topaz Pendant
  • S01PT0032 Bali Blue Topaz Pendant
  • S01PT0087 Bali Blue Topaz Pendant
  • S01PT0108 Bali Blue Topaz Pendant
  • S01PT0018 Bali Citrine Pendant
  • S01PT0027 Bali Citrine Pendant
  • S01PT0048 Bali Citrine Pendant
  • S01PT0065 Bali Citrine Pendant
  • S01PT0077 Bali Citrine Pendant
  • S01PT0005 Bali Garnet Pendant
  • S01PT0006 Bali Garnet Pendant
  • S01PT0024 Bali Garnet Pendant

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